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Abbott Nutrition Ireland


Alitraq® is a semi-elemental, high protein feed, supplemented with glutamine, designed for people with impaired gastrointestinal function and malabsorption.


Alitraq® is suitable for patients with:

  • Burns
  • Sepsis
  • Exacerbation of inflammatory bowel disease
  • Trauma
  • Post surgery
  • Multiple injury
  • Absorption disorders
  • Radiation enteritis


  • 76g sachets (6 sachets per box)

Flavours & Order Codes

ProductFlavoursList NumbersPack SizeCase Size
Alitraq®Vanilla0506306 x 76g4

Top tips for Alitraq®

  • For oral use, Alitraq® is usually best served chilled

Partially hydrolysed, peptide based protein

Standard calorie

  • 1.0kcal/ml

Energy distribution

  • 21.1% protein
  • 13.7% fat
  • 65.2% carbohydrate

High in protein

  • 15.8g of high biological value protein per 300ml serving

Added carotenoids

Favourable fat blend

  • Omega 6 : Omega 3 ratio of 4.4: 1

Contains MCT

  • 2.44g per 300ml per serving

Enriched with glutamine

  • 4.80g per 300ml per serving

Contains arginine

  • 1.34g per 300ml serving

Gluten and clinically lactose free

Moderate osmolality

  • 575mOsm/kg water


  • 250ml per 300ml serving

Complete in vitamins and minerals

  • Nutritionally complete in 1973ml*

Demonstrated clinical efficacy

* Dietary Reference Value for Food, Energy and Nutrients for the United Kingdom, 1991 for males aged 19-50 years. Excludes electrolytes (chloride, potassium and sodium).

For full product information and datasheet please contact Abbott Nutrition, Freephone 1800 411 411


  • Not suitable for children under 1 year of age
  • Use with caution in children under 4 years of age
  • Not suitable for people with galactosaemia
  • Not for parenteral (intravenous) use

Directions for use

  1. Wash hands thoroughly before preparing Alitraq®
  2. Pour 250ml of water at room temperature into a clean container
  3. While stirring, slowly empty contents of one sachet of Alitraq® (76g) into the container
  4. Continue to mix for 30 seconds until the powder dissolves
  5. Discard any unused Alitraq® after 24 hours
  6. Alitraq® should not be hung at the bedside for any longer than 4 hours to prevent the risk of bacterial contamination
Remember to always consult your Doctor, Dietitian or Healthcare Professional before using Alitraq®

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