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Sip Feeds

Good nutrition is key to healthy living.

Those who eat a balanced diet have a better chance of staying healthy and living life to the fullest. Often, due to various medical reasons, some people  may not be able to meet their daily nutritional needs with their usual diet.

Perhaps a person:

  • Has lost weight?
  • Is recovering from surgery, illness or medical treatments?
  • Has difficulty in chewing or swallowing?
  • Has a reduced appetite and is not eating enough?
  • Has increased nutritional needs?

Nutritional sip feeds can help to bridge the gap between what a person is managing to take as food and what their body needs, by providing a balance of all the necessary nutrients (energy, protein, vitamins and minerals).

Abbott Nutrition offers a comprehensive range of sip feeds including liquid drinks (milkshake and juice style) and powder to pudding style products, offering patients a variety of flavours, textures and versatility.

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